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RE: [Linux-cluster] Not able to stop cman service

rgmanager is running on your system. did you check the rgmanager ? if you dont want to check, you should use "cman_tool leave force" command.

From: Shailesh <shailesh verismonetworks com>
Reply-To: linux clustering <linux-cluster redhat com>
To: linux clustering <linux-cluster redhat com>
Subject: [Linux-cluster] Not able to stop cman service
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 13:01:13 +0530

Fellow clusterites,

               I have 2 node gfs-gnbd RHCS Cluster and I wanted to add
third node to it. In the process , I have tried to stop the cman service
in the existing nodes , the stopping fails.

> service cman stop  fails.
 Stopping cman:                                             [FAILED]

I tried the 'cman_tool leave' command it has also failed.

> cman_tool leave
 Error:  Can't leave cluster while there are 1 active subsystems

The /proc/cluster/services file dump shows that 'usrm::manager' is
running , so how do I stop this service??

Service          Name                              GID LID State
User:            "usrm::manager"                     2   3 run       -
[1 2]

If you anything about this 'usrm::manager' please let me know.

Thanks & Regards
Shailesh p Shirali

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