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Re: [Linux-cluster] High Availability Virtualisation

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Stephen Nelson-Smith wrote:
> Hello,
> I presently run a bunch of openvz ve's on a fairly beefy machine.
> I am somewhat concerned that if this machine fails, the vms fail too.
> Other than using redundant hardware (multiple psu, mirrored disks,
> etc), how can I increase availability?  I could put the virtual
> environments on a shared filesystem, but really I'd like some kind of
> failover mechanism.  Is this asking too much?
> This looks interesting: http://www.pro-linux.de/work/virtual-ha/virtual-ha5.html
> But my German is very rusty, so it's heavy going!

Google translate helps...


How I would do it, is with at least one other server.

Partition the machines into multiple xen domains, each xen domain
running something like vserver (supported in debian) or if you prefer it
openvz if you can support it.

With shared storage (where the DRBD comes in (like a network RAID 1))
you can seemlessly migrate xen domains from machine to machine, or
restart them on the other machine in the event of failure.

This will allow a failed machine to have all its xen domains started up
on another server (since the DRDB has kept the storage in sync between
them) or if the downtime is scheduled, live migrated to other boxes.


> Any ideas?
> S.
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