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[Linux-cluster] GFS on raw devices, CLVM and resizing partitions

Hi All,

I am in the process of bringing a new iSCSI device online and redoing some of my SAN architecture and I have a few questions that I hope you might be able to help with.

The fundamental goal here is to build a two-node active/passive cluster to serve as a NAS head with two iSCSI Promise arrays serving as the storage devices. One very desirable requirement is to be able to serve up all the disk storage as a single mount point (ie, be able to publish a samba share that spans both iSCSI devices).

Now, I've heard that GFS will work on raw partitions and within the CLVM context, and I'm tempted to use the raw devices for simplicity, but I'm not certain that GFS will allow me to build a partition that spans two physical devices.

If anybody could take a moment or two to enlighten me on the benefits of raw devices v. clvmd, I'd be most grateful.


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