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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster suite ports

Pedro Espinoza wrote:
I am trying to see which ports various daemons listen on, and found
the following

    * rgmanager
          o port 41966/tcp
          o port 41967/tcp
          o port 41968/tcp
          o port 41969/tcp
    * ccsd
          o port 50006/tcp
          o port 50007udp
          o port 50008/tcp
          o port 50009/tcp
    * dlm
          o port 21064/tcp
    * cman
          o port 6809/udp
    * gnbd
          o port 14567/tcp

Is the above information correct? Where can I find port information on
gfs cluster suite, like /etc/services or something to taht effect?

Use the FAQ, Luke!  The ports are documented in the FAQ at:


Looks like your source was right, tho.  Enjoy!

Jay Leafey - University of Tennessee
E-Mail:  jleafey utmem edu  Phone:  901-448-6534  FAX:  901-448-8199

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