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Re: [Linux-cluster] lvs + nanny + piranha problem, server not working

On 11/6/07, jimmy nimo pranical com <jimmy nimo pranical com> wrote:

Hello, thanks for reading my email,
Welcome :)

I have a problem and perphaps someone in the
list can work it out

I have 3 working redhat 4 update 5 trying to work with piranha+lvs+nanny, 2 Real
Server and 1 LVS Router, the router have 2 NIC, 1 with IP,
and the other with, the real server are and, I want to put the virtual server to run in the ip
(eth0:1) and the gateway in the real servers are (eth1:1 in the
router server),
Since you have configured LVS- NAT your gateway on the real servers should be

I create the lvs.cf with piranha and start pulse, but, NOTHING
happens, piranha create the and the virtual
interfaces (I can conect to the gui of piranha in )
but can't do in the port 80. here are my lvs.cf

serial_no = 137
primary =
primary_private =
service = lvs
backup_active = 0
backup =
backup_private =
heartbeat = 1
heartbeat_port = 539
keepalive = 3
deadtime = 10
network = nat
nat_router = eth1:1
nat_nmask =
debug_level = NONE
monitor_links = 0
virtual http {
    active = 1
    address = eth0:1
    vip_nmask =
    port = 80
    use_regex = 0
    load_monitor = ruptime
You should start 'rwhod' service on the real servers since you opted for 'load_monitor' as ruptime.

    scheduler = rr
    protocol = tcp
    timeout = 5
    reentry = 5
    quiesce_server = 0
    server uno {
        address =
        active = 1
        weight = 1
    server dos {
        address =
        active = 1
        weight = 1
Rest configuration looks fine.

and I don't know why, but the ipsvadmin don't show the entrys of the real

[root node1 ~]# ipvsadm -Ln
IP Virtual Server version 1.2.0 (size=4096)
Prot LocalAddress:Port Scheduler Flags
-> RemoteAddress:Port           Forward Weight ActiveConn InActConn
TCP rr
Make sure you have the 80 port up and running on your real servers.

can anyone help me? (sorry for my bad english)

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