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Re: [Linux-cluster] Shutting down a cluster

Patrick Caulfield wrote:
> Ward, Timothy - SSD wrote:
>> Try:
>> # cman_tool force leave
> I would try and avoid that if possible. It's much better to make sure that all
> of the services are shut down beforehand and let cman shut down tidily.
> Check for things like ccsd still running and services shown my 'cman_tool
> services'. Unfortunately it can be hard to determine which cluster services are
> running if you don't know what they all are, but it's worth trying  :-)

Ok.  I have a newly rebooted server on which I've started clustering,
but not started any services (other than those started by the cman init

  # cman_tool services

reports that fenced is the only service running.  So, I killed fenced.
Nothing else appears to notice that fenced on this server has died.  Now

  # cman_tool leave remove

works, in that it returns no errors.  But within a few seconds, the
leaving node is fenced and shut down :(


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