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Re: [Linux-cluster] Failover with multiple interfaces

In my experience you would keep the public addresses at your perimeter like
your firewall and "NAT" (network address translation) it to the local
address for the virtual ip.   That's the safest in my humble...


On 11/7/07 7:19 AM, "James Fidell" <james cloud9 co uk> wrote:

> So, I have my NFS cluster all set up, with NFS services and shared
> storage all managed over a "private" network.
> My intention is to join several more nodes to the cluster using the
> same storage, but providing services other than NFS.  Is it possible
> at the same time to provide services on a "public" network and have
> floating public IP addresses which are also migrated across the
> failover domain when the cluster fences a node?
> Is it just a case of creating a second IP address service in the
> failover domain?  Will the resource manager just "do the right thing"
> and bind the floating address to the correct network interface?
> James
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