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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cannot add nodes

isplist logicore net wrote:
>> Send a copy of the messages you are seeing would be helpful. If you're
>> getting a kernel panic then that's a good thing to start with.
> I don't seem to see anything in the logs. There are some errors about fencing 
> but that's because the nodes start dying and are fenced. That's about it.
> The only other info is on the console as it dies. I could re-create the 
> problem and jot down what I see, that might help. I was thinking this the 
> information displayed on the console might be telling the obvious, that the 
> kernel panicked and died.
> What should I be looking for to post here?

The exact detail of any kernel panic you are seeing .. ALL the text.

and then the obvious stuff: cluster.conf file, version numbers of all cluster
software, distribution and where you got them from.

Copies of things in /proc/cluster are always helpful too, if you can get them
from any running node (please say which node).


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