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Re: [Linux-cluster] Conga issue

Scott Becker wrote:
>> So, according to the faq, the latter syntax is needed.
>> So now I need to figure out how to manually make changes to
cluster.conf (I've been
>> using luci) and luci appears to need some fixes.
>>    scottb


I have had limited success with conga.  I am using: luci-0.8-30.el5
These are the steps I've had to take:
1) Build initial small /etc/cluster/cluster.conf by hand
2) Copy this file to all 3 nodes
3) Start the cluster to make sure it comes up
4) Start luci and load this cluster.conf using "Add an Existing Cluster"
5) Make changes in luci

There are some additional things that do not work when you attempt to
add them through the web interface, but I will have to rebuild my
cluster to remember what they are.  (I will post them when I find them).

Also I have found that using luci for managing the service and server
state is useless.  Instead from the command line I do things like:
root node1::/#  clusvcadm -r apache1 -m node2.cluster.com

Using the above combination of vi/luci/command-line I've gotten a
working cluster on CentOS 5.

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