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Re: [Linux-cluster] Conga issue

Since I manually fixed cluster.conf, luci now displays four entires for both nodes.

I just reordered the entries in cluster.conf like this:
 <device name="RackPDU1" option="off" port="3"/>
 <device name="RackPDU1" option="on" port="3"/>
 <device name="RackPDU2" option="off" port="3"/>
 <device name="RackPDU2" option="on" port="3"/>

to group them in on off pairs and now luci displays just the two.  :)


The above is an incorrect way to set up fencing on a node with redundant power supplies...whatever the UI is showing you. This configuration does not guarentee that the node is truly rebooted. Both ports Off At The Same Time is the only way to be certain the node is not staying up due to timing issues. Keeping this in your cluster.conf puts your data at risk.

If the UI component is writing something improper to the configuration file regarding fencing (or any other cluster parameter), please file a bugzilla ticket and include your conga version number, your conf file, and a screen shot if you can. If conga is messing up fence configuration, it will be addressed with a very high priority.



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