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Re: [Linux-cluster] nanny segfault problem

On 11/13/07, Christopher Barry <christopher barry qlogic com> wrote:

Greetings All,

running RHEL4U5

I have a bunch of services on my cluster w/ access via redundant

I've created a generic service checking script, which I'm specifying in
lvs.cf's 'send_program' config parameter.

script is attached to this post. see that for how it works with the
symlinks described below.

I create symlinks to the script for every service I want to check, with
their name containing the port to hit, as in:

so the symlink name to check ssh availability, for instance, is:

The script works fine, and returns the first contiguous block of
[[:alnum:]] text data from the connection attempt for use with the
expect line of lvs.cf.

The problem is, when nanny is spawned by pulse, all of the nanny
processes segfault.

> Nov 13 14:40:44 kop-sds-dir-01 lvs[17740]: create_monitor for ssh_access/kop-sds-01 running as pid 17749
> Nov 13 14:40:44 kop-sds-dir-01 nanny[17749]: making available
> Nov 13 14:40:44 kop-sds-dir-01 kernel: nanny[17749]: segfault at 000000000000006c rip 000000335e570810 rsp 0000007fbfffe978 error 4

this occurs almost instantly for every nanny process.

Can anyone venture a guess as to what is happening?

Try running nanny manually in foreground - see if you get any error messages. RHEL5 nanny (0.8.4) has a bug where it segfaults on printing syslog log messages longer than 80 characters. Could be that. The patch is below.

*** util.c      2002-04-25 21:19:57.000000000 -0700
--- util.new    2007-10-10 13:27:43.000000000 -0700
*** 49,55 ****

    while (1)
!       ret = vsnprintf (buf, bufLen, format, args);
        if ((ret > -1) && (ret < bufLen))
--- 49,58 ----

    while (1)
!       va_list try_args;
!       va_copy(try_args, args);
!       ret = vsnprintf (buf, bufLen, format, try_args);
!       va_end(try_args);
        if ((ret > -1) && (ret < bufLen))


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