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[Linux-cluster] howdy

Hey folks,

Just thought I'd introduce myself.  I found this list while perusing
some information RHCS/GFS.  I figured that it would behoove me to join
up, especially as many of my upcoming projects are HA cluster related.
 I recently relocated to the DC metro area from Chapel Hill.  I was
working in blade development at IBM in RTP.  I now work for a small
consulting firm and service a number of clients with Linux

That said, my primary client is a medical coding application service
provider that is doing some really fascinating stuff involving natural
language processing.  These NLP applications are very computationally
expensive--cpu, memory, STORAGE.  My current project is implement GFS
across multiple Dell PowerEdges running RHEL4.4/4.5/5, connecting to 3
Apple xraids, and soon a larger first-tier storage device.  Upcoming
projects include implementing clustering to provide redundancy for
critical applications (e-mail, jabber, JBoss, etc), across two
datacenters (our corporate HQ and Rackspace).

Anyhow, you guys will probably be seeing some traffic from me.  I
guess I'll go ahead a question:  Are there any must-reads (apart from
the sparse RH documentation) related to RHCS/GFS?  Are there any books
that are imperative reads on the concepts of highly-available

Shawn Hood

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