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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cannot add nodes

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 12:57 -0600, isplist logicore net wrote:
> > Yes, it could be that the versions are out of step. I'm not sure about
> > what's in each of those versions as I don't recognise the numbers, there
> > were some incompatibilities between very old versions of cman and newer
> > ones. So I strongly recommend upgradeing .. or, at least using the same
> > version on all nodes.
> Well, I've run into more weirdness .
> yum update won't run because there's something called seamonkey-nss and 
> seamonkey-nrps (can't recall exactly now, not at that terminal). Neither can 
> be updated, neither can be removed, neither can even be found on the system. 
> However... one or both seem to be dependant on fenced.

seamonkey-nss + seamonkey-nspr are RHEL4 names for nss and nspr.  If
your yum repos are set correctly, they should be pulled in.

fenced doesn't need it, but fence_xvm[d] does.  There was a problem with
RHN for a bit where it couldn't resolve the dependencies for some
reason, but I thought we fixed it.

-- Lon

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