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Re: [Linux-cluster] Arbitrary heuristics

Lon Hohberger wrote:
On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 11:12 -0800, Scott Becker wrote:
I need to setup an IP-tie breaker.

It appears that I need to setup shared storage to utilize QDisks 
features or write a C program to use libcman?

<heuristic program="ping -c3 -t2 <ip_address>" interval="2" tko="3"


-- Lon

I got that. As far as I can tell, that line will only work in a quorumd tag which as far as I can tell I can not use without setting up a shared volume (which I have no hardware for at this time).

Will this heuristic or something similar work in <rm> or anywhere else?

I got a "script" resource added to my "IP address" service to disqualify a node from running it when it can't reach the gateway but when I simulate an error it tries all nodes (good) and then gives up and doesn't retry when the error is resolved (bad).

In real life, the error would be resolved by the NOC while I slept so I need it to come back without me manually restarting the cluster.

I know this is weird because it I (for lack of a better option) am trying to do it at the resource group level instead of at the quorum level.

I know I'm going down the road less traveled because I want all the great recovery features but without a shared disk. Since GFS is the shining feature cluster suite the easy answer for most folks is a qdisk, not as many options without.


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