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[Linux-cluster] xen and migration

Hi everybody,
I am currently working on an installation of a failover RHCS with Xen
guests as Services. Everything works great so far, Xen domains are
failed over to still running nodes if i switch a node off. Even high
available bonding integrates nicely.
The only thing yet is the (live) migration of Xen domain Services. i
changed the /usr/share/cluster/vm.sh so it reads xm migrate -l, but if I

clusvcadm -M VirtServ01 -m Cluster-Node01#

i get: Trying to migrate service:VirtServ01 to Cluster-Node01...Invalid
operation for resource

my configuration for that service looks like this:

device="/dev/mpath/WebClusterConFF0100040310000Fp2" force_unmount="0"
fsid="43783" fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/cluster/XenDomains"
name="XenDomains" options=""/>
                        <vm name="VirtServ01" path="/cluster/XenDomains"
recovery="restart" rootdisk_physical="/dev/mpath/XenD1_FF0100000310000F"
                <service name="VirtServ01" domain="failoverdomain1"
                        <clusterfs ref="XenDomains">
                                <vm ref="VirtServ01"/>

the XenDomains clusterfs is where the xen guest configuration files are
stored, the rootdisks are straight luns from our san. Is there some
nesting i did that prohibits the live migration or is it maybe the gfs
mount that plays tricks on me here?

thanks for your replies.

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