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RE: [Linux-cluster] scsi_watchdog

Title: RE: [Linux-cluster] scsi_watchdog

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Subject: Re: [Linux-cluster] scsi_watchdog

> scsi_watchdog.conf is only being used if 1) you use scsi reservations as
> a fence method and 2) you explicitly state in a sysconfig file that you
> want scsi_watchdog to run. I'm guessing that neither of these apply to
> use, and therefore the scsi_watchdog is having no effect. It is disabled
> by default.

I was kind of hoping that this is where my slow down's were coming from. If
it's not enabled, then I guess I'm searching again.

Ever since I did that update, the web nodes are very slow. All of the other
nodes seem to be fine. I just don't get it.



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Can you tell if any processes are hogging CPU or anything?
Can you do a bonnie++ against your disks and see if the IO
is slower than normal for some reason?

What exactly do you mean by slow?


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