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[Linux-cluster] FS mount point must really be unique ?


I am getting a resource confict, because identical
mount point definitions in Global FS resources, I read
the FAQ:
and it clearly say that:
"The mount point is also the same, and that must be

ok, my question is:
is there any way I can avoid that check ?.

I have two services in the cluster, both services run
alone on its own node, and will not share in any
circunstances the same node so I guess that the good
check action that RG do is not necesary in  this case

My services are email services, and my common FS
resource is the email queue but I can imagine that two
differents web services with the same /var/www mount
point with different content are perfectly valid

I guess I can try to configure my aplication so that
use another queue directory but ....
but why if I can't? I didn't check but maybe it is
hard code in the binary ...

please, any sujestion?

RedHat Certified ( RHCE )
Cisco Certified ( CCNA & CCDA )

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