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[Linux-cluster] cluster communication packets - changing interface


I have tried to change interface for heartbeat packets. In FAQ
(http://sourceware.org/cluster/faq.html) I've found information about
private natwork (-p) which should be added to nodename in /etc/hosts.
I've tried that but it doesn't work for me.

ver. 1
   /etc/hosts   l1-p.local     l1-p   l2-p.local     l2-p   l1.local     l1   l2.local     l2

         After start cluster still sends packet with source 200.200.200.x

ver.2     l1-p     l2-p


         Starting cman ... failed
        cman not started: Can't determine address family of nodename
         : aisexec daemon didn't start

What I'm doing wrong ?

PS. Cluster configuration:


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster alias="OBN_HA" config_version="28" name="OBN_HA">
   <fence_daemon clean_start="0" post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3"/>
       <clusternode name="l2.local" nodeid="1" votes="1">
               <method name="1">
                   <device name="l2_fence" nodename="l2.local"/>
       <clusternode name="l1.local" nodeid="2" votes="1">
               <method name="1">
                   <device name="l1_fence" nodename="l1.local"/>
   <cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>
       <fencedevice agent="fence_manual" name="l1_fence"/>
       <fencedevice agent="fence_manual" name="l2_fence"/>
           <failoverdomain name="OBN" ordered="1" restricted="1">
               <failoverdomainnode name="l1.local" priority="1"/>
               <failoverdomainnode name="l2.local" priority="2"/>

                       <script file="/etc/init.d/vsftpd" name="vsftpd"/>
                       <ip address="" monitor_link="1"/>
               <service autostart="1" domain="OBN" name="OBN_vsftpd"
                       <ip ref="">
                               <script ref="vsftpd"/>


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