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Re: [Linux-cluster] Any thoughts on losing mount?

> be nice to have some kinds of "control node" concept where these admin
> commands can be performed on one particular pre-defined node. This would
> allow the tools to check and prevent mistakes like these (say fsck would

In my test setup, this is somewhat how I've been using my cluster in the past 
year or so. I try to maintain everything from just one node and it sort of 
becomes my management node.

> start to ssh to each node to unmount the filesystem before it starts to
> do anything).  This is something to think about. After all, cluster

I've set up basic scripts to control the other nodes when I want to do 
something system wide. Pretty basic stuff using scp and ssh remote commands so 
that I don't have to log into every node to do something repetitive.

> system management is not a trivial task and mistakes can be plenty,
> regardless admins' skills.

The problem is that since the cluster interacts with traditional 
storage/networking, it's sometimes too easy to forget that various things are 


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