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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster communication packets - changing interface

Darek Skorupa wrote:
>>> I have tried to change interface for heartbeat
>>> packets. In FAQ
>>> (http://sourceware.org/cluster/faq.html) I've found
>>> information about
>>> private natwork (-p) which should be added to
>>> nodename in /etc/hosts.
>>> I've tried that but it doesn't work for me.
>>> ver. 1
>>>     /etc/hosts
>>>   l1-p.local     l1-p
>>>   l2-p.local     l2-p
>>                           ^^^^^^^^^^ you need to match those names
>> with the node names
>> defined in your cluster.conf:
>>>     <clusternodes>
>>>         <clusternode name="l2.local" nodeid="1"
>>                              ^^^^^^^^
> Ok, thx error doesn't show after I changed my mistake,
> but cluster heartbeat transmission is still with 200.200.200.x source so
> it goes by eth0 interface
> I need to change it to eth1 with addresses 192.168.10.x. Is it possible
> that nodename-p doesn't work ??

If you have a recent version of cluster suite then using the -p names in
cluster.conf should work. it searches for interfaces that match the
names in the config file.

-p is just a convention by the way, there's nothing hard-coded in the
software to recognise them


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