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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS or Web Server Performance issues?

gordan bobich net wrote:
I think a part of the problem is perception. Clustering in most cases leads to _LOWER_ performance on I/O bound processes. If it's CPU bound, then sure, it'll help. But on I/O it'll likely do you harm. It's more about redundancy and graceful degradation than performance. There's no way of getting away from the fact that a cluster has to do more work than a single node, just because it has to keep itself in sync.

The only way clustering will give you scaleable performance benefit is with partitioned (as opposed to shared) data. Shared data clustering is about convenience and redundancy, not about performance.

Well said ! This reminds me some of previous conversations with customers in mid-90 when people started to port their applications from supercomputers and/or big SMP boxes into clustered machines. It had taken non-trivial amount of collaborative efforts between the customers and the team's application enablement group to achieve the expected performance when moving applications between different platforms. Be aware that cluster management and its associated performance tuning is really not a trivial task. It is kind of hard to give a "catch-all" advice in a mailing list, particularly we have been participating the discussions on our spare time basis.

-- Wendy

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