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Re: [Linux-cluster] I give up

Kevin - I agree that documentation for enabling quorum disks in each the situation of 2 node cluster, and 3+ node cluster is light and what is there is confusing.   I would like to see clear examples of all settings that should be configured for each of those situations.


On Nov 28, 2007, at 10:45 AM, Kevin Anderson wrote:

On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 08:11 -0800, Scott Becker wrote:
I have to conclude that between lingering issues from the switch to 
Openais and overall project immaturity, that Cluster Suite is not 
suitable for production use. I will not be renewing Advanced Platform or 
Premium Support. I have been suckered by marketing hype. RH is still my 
favorite OS but I must look elsewhere for failover functionality.

I've learned a lot during the last month but other than that it's been a 
waste of time that I can't afford. You Redhat guys might consider having 
a meeting about adopting Heartbeat or getting serious about finishing 
Cluster Suite. "Serious" should include real documentation. Interactive 
documentation would be a great way to let the community contribute.

Sorry to hear you were unable to get it to work.  Going back through your postings over the last month, it looks like you have been trying to setup a two node cluster with quorum disk that provides a failover environment.  Would a simple button in conga that does that have been useful?

Also, you mention lingering issues about openais, but didn't see anything in your posts that describe any problems in that space.  Can you be more specific?

We are serious about making Cluster Suite correct for our customers and are very concerned when things don't work out for people.

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