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Re: [Linux-cluster] I give up

Yes, slow at best. This list is better. Support is not the issue. I'm shooting for 100% uptime with simple failover. There are too many problems with the software and I'm a month behind schedule. The biggest problem is the core system is malfunctioning. Smaller problem is that in the same test I ran into the fencing issue that others have experienced, the menus are too dynamic for the current fence_apc agent.

A month ago I thought, steep learning curve and then I'll be all set. redhat.com gives the distinct impression that they are selling a completed solution. I disagree.


BERES Laszlo wrote:

Scott Becker wrote:

I've learned a lot during the last month but other than that it's been a
waste of time that I can't afford. You Redhat guys might consider having
a meeting about adopting Heartbeat or getting serious about finishing
Cluster Suite. "Serious" should include real documentation. Interactive
documentation would be a great way to let the community contribute.

no offense: did you try to get help from official RH support?


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