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Re: [Linux-cluster] I give up

On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 01:27:14PM -0800, Scott Becker wrote:
> I have three nodes. If one fails the other two are expected to maintain 
> quorum and continue. I would really like a second failure to keep going 
> on it's own (last man standing). For this to work I would need to set 
> expected votes to 1 and make sure the correct node wins the ensuing 
> fencing race.
> Case two. I remove one node from the cluster to maintain it. Now I have 
> a two node cluster. Same issues as above. Luci wants to set two_node = 1 
> in this case instead of just dealing with expected votes = 1. I haven't 
> test this because I'm testing all this with node 2 and node 3 while the 
> future node 1 is currently our production server.
> The ping gateway test/IP tie-breaker was my way of reliably running down 
> to last man standing.

> By the way, I am a C programmer. (From windows land though we use RH on 
> all of our servers.) I've spent a month trying to get this to work. It's 
> open source and given enough time I can make it go. I don't have any 
> more time. It's supposed to be production quality.

I'm curious if anyone else out there has done this successfully?  I doubt
anyone at RH has ever even tried it.  It sounds to me like you're outside
the scope of what a person can or should do with this software.  At least
reasonably.  It may be technically possible to make it do what you want, I
don't know, but I doubt it would be easy or pretty as you've shown.


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