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Re: [Linux-cluster] I give up

As with many things, I think the devil in that quote is in the details. Failover domains are not required for the cluster to run *at all*, but I think they may be required for the cluster to behave as you'd like.

For example, if I wanted to have multiple front-end nodes serving a GFS filesystem, with a load balancer out in front of the cluster to redirect requests, I wouldn't need a failover domain. Every node would be mounting the GFS filesystem, so there wouldn't be a service I'd need to fail over to anywhere. However, if I wanted to run a web server on one node and have it migrate to another node if the first one failed, then I would need a failover domain.


James Chamberlain

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Scott Becker wrote:

jr wrote:
 from my understanding a failover domain is required whenever you want
 other nodes to take over a service. the subset is if you make it
 restricted, isn't it?

"Failover domains are /not/ required for operation."


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