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Re: [Linux-cluster] partition tables not sync'd

Silly question: you also masked that lun on the active node, right?
You could also remove the /etc/lvm/.cache and lvmdiskscan / vgscan --mknodes

On Tue, 2007-10-02 at 09:08 -0700, Ray Charles wrote:

I have a one year old cluster(2 nodes) in production
that is GFS 6.1 attached to an iscsi san. Its
currently in an active passive arrangement for

While the active node was busy servicing web visitors,
I used the other node to add a lun from the san; then
a physical volume and then a logical volume to the
existing vol.group; then I put the file system on the
new partition. I also have it mounted on the
non-active node.

The active node will not recognize the new partition
schema. I've rebooted it but it still doesn't want to
see the new partition the other node has created.

What should I do?


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