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Re: [Linux-cluster] Possible cman init script race condition

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 05:51:40PM +0200, Borgstr?m Jonas wrote:

> No, I think the cman daemons are started at pretty much the same time on
> both nodes. At least if I reboot both machines at the same time. "sleep
> 30" gives the kernel and the programs started before "cman" an extra 30
> seconds to do their stuff before the bulk of the cman init script is
> executed.
> Another workaround is to run "chkconfig cman off" and start it from
> /etc/rc.d/rc.local. That also works, and does not require and "sleep".
> This probably works since rc.local is the very last thing executed by
> the boot-up process and that is probably at least 30 seconds later.

I've finally chatted with Steve Dake about this, and he's quite certain
that this is a result of openais bugs in the RHEL5.0 release -- fixed in
the upcoming 5.1.  It might be easiest to use your workarounds until 5.1.

> Ok, here's some log outpt:
> Scenario: A gfs filesystem is mounted on two nodes in a "split cluster"

Thanks a lot, I'll take a look.


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