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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster shutdown procedure best practice ?

When I'm doing  kernel and GFS updates I do this :

stop service accessing the GFS
umount the GFS FS
service ccsd stop
service clvmd stop
service fenced stop
service rgmanager stop

cman_tool leave remove

then update and reboot


Rob Nevins wrote:
> Just to be sure, should the filesystem be dismounted before using
> "cman_tool leave remove"?
> -Rob
> Jon Erickson wrote:
>> See the following question and answer from the FAQ
>> http://sourceware.org/cluster/faq.html#cman_shutdown
>> I wrote a script called to shut down my nodes.  Basicly it runs a
>> bunch of service stop commands and the last line runs cman_tool
>> remove.  This seems to work for me.
>> I would recomend that redhat produces a shutdown/ startup cluster
>> script in the distro.
>> -Jon
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