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[Linux-cluster] Multihome configuration in RHEL5


I have problem with multihome cluster configuration in RHEL5.

I've read that it was possible to configure alternative cluster node
for servers who had configured two different nets. There are a few of
examples how to do it on that mailinig list. 

Now, I have RHEL5 Beta with cman version 2.0.70 and it doesn't work. 
I've checked that "ccs_tool addnode node1 -n 1 -a node11" doesn't add
the altname tag to cluster.conf file. And validating cluster.conf with
"altname" tag inside says:

element altname: Relax-NG validity error : Element clusternode has extra
content: altname

So my question is what happened with this tag in RHEL5? Is it
"deprecated"? And how to achieve HA in case of failure of ethernet
interface. Now there is no redundant channel for communication between
cluster members.

Agnieszka Kukalowicz


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