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Re: [Linux-cluster] Multihome configuration in RHEL5

Agnieszka Kukałowicz wrote:
> Hi,
> I have problem with multihome cluster configuration in RHEL5.
> I've read that it was possible to configure alternative cluster node
> name 
> for servers who had configured two different nets. There are a few of
> examples how to do it on that mailinig list. 
> Now, I have RHEL5 Beta with cman version 2.0.70 and it doesn't work. 
> I've checked that "ccs_tool addnode node1 -n 1 -a node11" doesn't add
> the altname tag to cluster.conf file. And validating cluster.conf with
> "altname" tag inside says:

ccs_tool doesn't support adding altnames to a node....but you guessed that :)

> element altname: Relax-NG validity error : Element clusternode has extra
> content: altname
> So my question is what happened with this tag in RHEL5? Is it
> "deprecated"? And how to achieve HA in case of failure of ethernet
> interface. Now there is no redundant channel for communication between
> cluster members. 

The tag is there but it's not well tested, and the DLM only supports multi-home
when using SCTP (also not well tested).

The recommended way to use redundant ethernets with cluster software is the
ethernet bonding driver.


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