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Re: [Linux-cluster] Distributed /var/spool/mail

Gordan Bobic wrote:
On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Gustavo Marcello wrote:

I write to you because I need help with following...
I need to distribute a file system between several computers. The idea is to create a species of RAID 0 by TCP, in where soon space to this unit can be added adding new computers when cluster. You have idea if it is possible to do this?

If you're after non-redundant storage, you probably want to look into JBOD RAID stuff for Linux.


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mmmmm...........according to I have understood, JBOD RAID is for concatenating discs in a same server. What I am trying to do is to do a great disc joining many servers. The idea is to be able to distribute /var/spool/mail in many computers so that to distribute the work of hard disk. The pop/imap consulted to that great disc, reading of the server who corresponds.

Thank you very much !!!

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