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Re: [Linux-cluster] IPv6 enabled: out of memory!

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Kadlecsik Jozsi wrote:

> Something really strange happened here: adding one global IPv6 address to 
> an ("external") interface of one node caused "out of memory" on *all* of 
> our nodes.
> All nodes have got two interfaces, one dedicated to GFS and the other is 
> for servicing the users. We configured IPv4 addresses for GFS, otherwise 
> all interfaces have got link local IPv6 addresses. Now we wanted to 
> introduce services over IPv6 as well. Adding an IPv6 address to one 
> interface and rebooting the machine for a clean start caused the disaster.

Forcing ccsd to use IPv4 solved it: now all of the nodes have got IPv6
addresses and GFS is still alive, using IPv4.

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