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Re: [Linux-cluster] Options with managed NFS service

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Josh Gray wrote:

Thanks for the reply, Gordon.   Problem is I have so many servers with NFS
mounted directories that'll be quite the pain to update each fstab or

That file was empty on my systems.   Googling helped show me the following
is what one site suggested but I don't think the nfsd that started up in the
cluster read this, does only init.d/nfs read it?

Yes, I think that's a server option. So if you explicitly switch off the NFS1,2,4 stuff, it will HAVE TO use NFS3 - there'll be nothing else running. :-)

RPCNFSDARGS='--no-nfs-version 4'

On the second question - statements like that work fine in the exports file,
but I'm just trying to figure out how to do the same within the cluster

That has mount options as well. You used some in your example. So just add nfsvers=3 to the options in the cluster file.


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