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RE: [Linux-cluster] Cluster won't come up when T1 is down???

Title: RE: [Linux-cluster] Cluster won't come up when T1 is down???

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Subject: RE: [Linux-cluster] Cluster won't come up when T1 is down???

Gee, "yes, we're getting your messages" would have been just as welcome a
reply :).

Glad to see I'm still alive here, guess it's changed a lot, I don't see the
old names anymore.


> Here's a very weird one. I have a cluster of web servers outgoing over a T1.
> When the T1 went down this morning, the cluster, which is all internal, non
> routable IP's, would not come back. All of the machines locked up around the
> loading DLM section on bootup.
> Once the T1 came back, they all booted just fine and went into cluster mode.
> What in the world would cause that? There aren't any external services
> required to fire up my local cluster, never were, it's always been fine
> before.
> ________________________________________________________________________
> Of course we do. In fact, I thought this was some kind of weird email
> looping anomly.
> Apparently it's not, because the top has changed now...
> I think the problem everyone is having with your question is that:
> 1.) everyone here knows that this - is not / cannot be - a linux-cluster
> issue.
> 2.) you are providing absolutely no clues to entice us to suspend our
> disbelief.
> You may want to RTFineM as well as understand essential posting etiquitte.
> Might I suggest in that vein you peruse:
> http://www.reedmedia.net/misc/mail/using-mailing-list.html
> It's a page turner.
> -C
> All that said, what do you think the problem could be?

...and I can see you did not avail yourself to the link I sent, or you would not be top posting.

It's important to understand that no one here - or on mailing lists in general - owes you anything. You must do the bulk of the work.

I know nothing about your setup, but I can make guesses immediately; It's quite possible you're using a hosted dns, and it's likely a name resolution problem.


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