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RE: [Linux-cluster] Cluster won't come up when T1 is down???

> back when, and I had missed it, and the poster immediately came to the
> same conclusion.
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/linux-cluster/2007-September/msg00038.html

I missed that one and probably a lot of other things due to a failed server 
this list was being sent to. Got busy and wasn't keeping track.

> your site?: http://www.logicore.net
> has a large empty white space that I just assumed should have *some*
> content in it. I just figured the space was to be filled by a backend

We used to do business under that name and moved on to other things. Just an 
old domain we need to update some day.

> What makes it weird, is that you do not understand how it works. Once
> you understand something, it's not weird anymore. 

What??? I never said I don't care, I said there's little to go by. I was 
looking for thoughts, not a solution to something that can't be fixed. Man, 
how long have you been in development work? Have you never seen stuff that's 
just plain weird, you know isn't something that is likely to happen again, but 
could, so just pick minds to get some thoughts to learn from.

> But hey, if you are
> happy not knowing, now that it's back working, then cool. Good luck.

So... we're back to this again? You get all over me for multiple postings, 
then you tell me it's just me overreacting and now you come back with this 
once we're talking nicely? What are you, 15? At my freaking age, I just don't 
care for this nonsense. Stop writing to me if you're just going to act like 

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