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[Linux-cluster] Re: Two-node cluster disconnecting

On 10/11/07, Mikko Partio <mpartio gmail com> wrote:
Hello list

I have a problem with a two-node cluster going split-brain. When I first boot the other node, it correctly starts all the services and informs that cluster is quorate. Then when I boot the other node, on the boot phase when it starts the cluster software it does not find the node already running and starts the same services already running on node 1! When the boot is complete I can see that the nodes have found each other for a small period of time but then immediately disconnect from each other. The cluster is created with Conga with shared disk support though no shared disks are created yet. This is on CentOS 5.


Anybody got a clue? Also, should I be configuring ais.conf also? There is no mention about it in the docs but if cman is using openais, I'd guess it should be configured with the correct addresses right?



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