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Re: [Linux-cluster] Linux clustering (one-node), GFS, iSCSI, clvmd (lock problem)

Gordan Bobic wrote:
On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Wendy Cheng wrote:


I admit I don't know much about clustering, but from the evidence I see,
 the problem appears to be isolated to clvmd and iSCSI, if only for the
fact that my direct-attached clustered volumes don't exhibit the symptoms.

Will let LVM folks comment on rest of the issues. However, if you intend to use this as single node case, are you aware that both GFS and GFS2 support a "lock_nolock" protocol that doesn't require CLVMD ? It can be run on a plain storage device (say /dev/sda1) and doesn't have any locking overhead. Do a "man gfs_mkfs" and search for "LockProtoName". A sample mkfs-mount command looks like the following:

Err - possibly a misunderstanding, but GFS/GFS2 doesn't require LVM/CLVM. You can run on a raw device without volume management.
Ouch. Good to know. If I use raw devices can I grow and shrink volumes? The specific need is to be able to take a physical devices out of service (ie, one of my iSCSI devices) so that I can restripe it or replace it.

Here's another scenario: I've got two existing physical devices of ~3TB each, both are members of the nasvg_00 volume group (using clvmd), plus a third physical device that I'm trying to bring online. Is there a migration path that allows me to format the new physical device with gfs/raw, join it to the exiting gfs file system, and then migrate the other physical devices (one by one) to a gfs/raw format?
Oh and can anybody lend me a  tape backup system? ;)


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