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[Linux-cluster] unregistering shared IP resource when stoping one service


I am getting a similar behaivor reported in:
but this time with a IP shared resource

right now we have a cluster with 4 services which
share the same IP as a IP shared resource in one node,
If I stop just one of this services the IP is
unregistered so the others services lose their service

I know that an IP shared resource is very wierd, not
to say a wrong disign, but if that is the case why not
avoid to provide the option to configure that resource
as a shared resource?

In the other hand I can see that in an scenario with
an IP shared resource will be imposible to relocate
the services to another node because two nodes can't
have the same IP but... what if I do not want that any
of those service to be relocated to another node ?
(active-active cluster with a "one node" failover

any subjestion?


RedHat Certified ( RHCE )
Cisco Certified ( CCNA & CCDA )

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