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[Linux-cluster] XEN and Cluster Questions

we are currently discussing XEN with clustering support. 
There came some questions we are not sure what the answer is. Perhaps you can 
help ;-) .

Background is: We are discussing a group of XEN Dom0 Hosts sharing all devices 
and files via GFS. They themselves again host a couple of virtually 
redhat-clustered DomU Hosts with or without gfs.

1. Live Migration of cluster DomU nodes:
When I live migrate a virtual DomU clusternode to another DOM0 XEN Host the 
migration works ;-) , but the virtual clusternode is thrown out of the 
cluster. Is this a "works as designed"? I think the problem are the 
heartbeats not coming in proper time.
Does that lead to the conclusion that one cannot live migrate cluster nodes?

2. Fencing:
How about fencing of the virtual Dom-U Clusternodes. You are never sure on 
which Dom-0 Node runs our Dom-U Clusternode. Is the fencing via fence_xvm[d] 
supported on such an environment? That means how does a virtual DomU 
clusternode X running on Dom0 Xen Host x know that if virtual DomU 
clusternode Y running on Dom0 Xen Host y is running there when it is getting 
the fence request to fence Host y where it is running?

Thanks Marc.
Gruss / Regards,

Marc Grimme
http://www.atix.de/               http://www.open-sharedroot.org/

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