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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS cluster / DLM locking - Mostly idle but high load

Gordan Bobic wrote:

Yes. The problem doesn't seem to be so bad when files are in different
directories, but when lots of files are being written to the same
directory, the load goes up quite badly.

Then this should help. Also enable lock_purging if not already done.

That doesn't seem to work for me. :-(

# gfs_tool settune / glock_purge 50
gfs_tool: can't change tunable parameter glock_purge: Invalid argument

I didn't follow this thread of discussion very well. I have to assume you're on earlier versions of RHEL 5 ? Newer versions of gfs_kmod should have this tunable (can't recall the exact gfs_kmod version it got included though).

In general, GFS doesn't perform well when you're writing (and/or deleting) large amount of files within one single directory from different nodes. This is due to directory lock contention (and directory lock needs to get ping-pong between different nodes). We always encourage users to avoid this type of setup.

-- Wendy

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