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Re: [Linux-cluster] crossover cables

Well, it should be a simple setup.

Let's assume that your nodes have 2 ethernet interfaces and 1 management interface (iLO for example). you will need 2 crossover cables for this.
You plug in eth0 on each node to your network.
Then, you plug eth1 on each machine to the other machine's management interface via crossover cable.
Finally, you assign static IPs to the eth1 and the management interfaces (something like eth1 = and iLO =
Then configure fencing as desired.

However, this setup will make it impossible to use the management interfaces for other nifty purposes...

On 10/18/07, Eric Schneider <eschneid uccs edu> wrote:
Does anyone have a good how-to on using a crossover cable with a cluster?  I
have looked a little bit and I can only find mention of the capability.

I already have the nodes plugged into our normal network.


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