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Re: R: [Linux-cluster] RHEL5 clvmd hangs only after a node crashes...

On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 08:05:02PM +0200, tam_annie alice it wrote:

> So, without qdisk my cluster just behaves exactly as I ever wanted! So
> is qdisk evil?  However, please, be so kind to explain this strange
> behavor to me, that's really a _MYSTERY_: Isn't the qdisk a tie-breaker
> useful especially in two node clusters and if one needs to decide
> cluster membership also on the basis of exogenous heuristics (like
> network connectivity as in my case, see RedHat Cluster FAQ)?  Shouldn't
> the qdisk allow one to build a more robust cluster against split-brain
> conditions?  Why does my cluster behave good only if I avoid using
> qdisk?  Have I really no more chance to use a quorum disk in my cluster
> architecture?  If it can help, I'd like to tell you that when I start my
> cluster with qdisk enabled, both nodes wait for each other on "Starting
> fencing..." before going on in the boot sequence: no node can boot alone
> while the other one is down.  That doesn't happen when I don't use
> qdisk, as you told me.  Again, thank you very very much indeed!

qdisk doesn't work well in RHEL5.0; I'm told it will work in 5.1


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