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[Linux-cluster] Quorum Disk: mkqdisk shows "Host: (none)". What does that mean?


I configured quorum disk for a two node cluster and get "Host: (none)" as 
output from mkqdisk. What does that mean?


cman_tool shows that the quorum disk is active and contributes its vote:

# cman_tool nodes
Node  Votes Exp Sts  Name
   0    1    0   M   /dev/sdh
   1    1    3   M   axqa02rc_1
   2    1    3   M   axqa02rc_2

When I  Display information on all accessible cluster quorum disks (-L option 
for mkqdisk), it shows "Host: (none):

# mkqdisk -L
mkqdisk v0.5.1
        Magic:   eb7a62c2
        Label:   quorum
        Created: Fri Oct 19 15:57:19 2007
        Host:    (none)

Now I wonder what this means exactly. I expected that this entry should 
display the host that wrote to the quorum disk last time. Or maybe the 
designated master node?

I read the accompanying documentation for mkqdisk, qdisk in general and cman 
but did not find any clues regarding this entry.

Could someone enlighten me?

Best Regards,
Reiner Rottmann

Gruss / Regards,

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