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Re: [Linux-cluster] Email alerts on cluster events?

On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 13:59 -0600, Josh Gray wrote:
> Does anyone have any scripts or other method of sending an alert on various
> events in the cluster like in/out of quorate, services
> stopping/starting/relocating etc..   I guess you could do this with a syslog
> monitoring tool, but something more elegant would be better for my needs.

I've actually got stuff in the cooker for this sort of thing, but I
hadn't added email to it:


(The bug name is misleading.)

The patch allows user-defined edge-triggered scripts for service and
node transitions.  Transition from quorate->inquorate however would be
more difficult (the transition master requires a DLM lock, which
requires quorum).

Additionally, it externalizes service/node event transition handling
into something that users can alter on the fly.  I'd be happy to work
with you on this to add a binding to the script language which would
then fire off emails.

-- Lon

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