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[Linux-cluster] How to take down a CS/GFS setup with minimum downtime

I've got five RHEL4 systems with CS and about 800 GB of data on a shared
GFS filesystem.
I've been tasked to take down the cluster and divide the content of the
shared GFS filesystem to the local disks on each system with minimum

I've removed two nodes from the cluster already and am somewhat scared
of a quorum problem if I remove another node.

From what I've been able to gather I should use cman_tool leave remove
on a node once it is ready to leave the cluster and thus be able to
remove four nodes from a five node cluster without disolving the quorum
or risking losing access to the GFS data on the last remaining node.

Is that correct ?

With best regards,
Saevaldur Arnar Gunnarsson
System Administrator | RHCE

Hugsmidjan ehf.
Snorrabraut 56 | 105 Reykjavik

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