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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS RG size (and tuning)

Jos Vos wrote:


The gfs_mkfs manual page (RHEL 5.0) says:

 If not  specified,  gfs_mkfs  will  choose the RG size based on the size
 of the file system: average size file systems will have 256 MB  RGs,
 and bigger file systems will have bigger RGs for better performance.

My 3 TB filesystems still seem to have 256 MB RG's (I don't know how to
see the RG size, but there are 11173 of them, so that seems to indicate
a size of 256 MB).  Is 3 TB considered to be "average size"? ;-)

Anyway, it is recommended trying to rebuild the fs's with "-r 2048" for
3 TB filesystems, each with between 1 and 2 million files on it?
Especially gfs_scand uses *huge* amounts of CPU time and doing df takes
a *very* long time....

1. 3TB is not "average size". Smaller RG can help with "df" command - but if your system is congested, it won't help much. 2. The gfs_scand issue is more to do with the number of glock count. One way to tune this is via purge_glock tunable. There is an old write-up in: http://people.redhat.com/wcheng/Patches/GFS/readme.gfs_glock_trimming.R4 . It is for RHEL4 but should work the same way for RHEL5. 3. If you don't need to know the exact disk usage and/or can tolerate some delays in disk usage update, there is another tunable "statfs_fast". The old write-up (RHEL4) is in: http://people.redhat.com/wcheng/Patches/GFS/readme.gfs_fast_statfs.R4 (and should work the same way as in RHEL 5).

-- Wendy

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