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Re: [Linux-cluster] EXT3 service mounted on two nodes

On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, Josh Gray wrote:

Lon and the other gurus - have you guys ever seen an ext3 volume get mounted
on multiple cluster nodes at the same time WITHOUT a split brain? No
fencing, no errors logged, no network issues, etc..   I even ran clustat and
both nodes (let's say B and C ) even said that the single node I thought was
up was in control (B).

I saw this with virtual ip's in my testing but then encountered this during
deployment that then quickly corrupted the volume and brought the project to
a halt..

No worries if not - I have support involved already,  just curious your
input as you guys seem to know this stuff inside and out!

Sure, that works. The only problem is that if both nodes write to the same files at the same time (including meta data), you'll end up with a corrupted file system. But if both machines are mounting the FS read-only (in which case you might as well use ext2), then there's no problem with that.


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