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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and iscsi problem

Roger Peña pisze:
--- Alexandre Racine <Alexandre Racine mhicc org>

Hi all, I would like to know that too, since I made
some similar tests and GFS seems simply to hang.

 people getting this king of problem usually have a
problem with fencing, your fencing is manual, this is
really bad for production because if there is a
problem with the GFS in one node,the cluster will wait
for that node to be feced and if it fenced by humand
until you send the aknowledge that the cluster will be
in standby.

Yes, but i use:

<fencedevice name="blade" agent="fence_bladecenter" ipaddr=....

and it's not a problem, fence work fine. Fence work only when one of nodes is down or have some other problem with connection to other nodes.

Pawel Mastalerz

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