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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and iscsi problem

Roger Peña pisze:
Yes, but i use:

<fencedevice name="blade" agent="fence_bladecenter"

sorry, I didn't read throught your messages, just
looked at Alexandre Racine's configuration

and it's not a problem, fence work fine. Fence work
only when one of nodes is down or have some other problem with
connection to other nodes.
well, I would expect if one node has a problem with
its GFS filesystem ( for example, network failure in
the iscsi scenario), the cluster should-must fence
that node just to avoid filesystem corruption
but I could be wrong...

Yes should... :) but when one of nodes lost connection to iscsi nothing happen, only i cant access to gfs, and gfs dont write to klog info about that...

Plz help :)

Pawel Mastalerz

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