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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster NFS causes kernel bug

Ward, Timothy - SSD schreef:
I am trying to setup nfs as a clustered service.  The filesystem nfs is
serving is a GFS2 fs.  So I am trying to find out is the problem with
GFS2, NFS, the SMP processors or something else?

How do I approach this problem and has anyone else seen this yet?

It depends on the cause or your problems.
I'm also trying to setup a cluster with GFS2, and have some problems along the way. (not even started with the setup of gfs2 or nfs)
But my problems are related (I think) to spinlock bugs in the kernel-xen of fedora 7.
And therefor I started with posting on the fedora-xen mailing list

See my 'cry for help' at http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-xen/2007-September/msg00025.html

With kind regards,
Robert Verspuy

Patroonsweg 10
3892 DB Zeewolde
Tel.: 088-OMICRON (66 427 66)
Fax: 088-66 427 69

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